``My daughter Mehek is going to sugar and plum since one year and now she loves the school and the teachers especially Jyoti Ma'am .we are satisfied with the school and the way of teaching there is a perfect balance of everything``


Shaily Sharma

``As a parent I feel so contented and at peace entrusting my little one with Sugar Plum day care. The staff is loving and caring, sharing all big and small details of my child's day at school. The premises are clean and hygienically maintained. The teachers are awesome; my child carries his learning at home and proudly shares it with me. Thanks for the awesome work you all do!``


Karan Khera

``My son has been going to Sugar and Plum since he was 5 months old and can't believe he is almost 6 Yrs old. You have been 2nd home to my son and can't thank enough to the entire staff for bringing him up, taking care of him by understanding him emotionally, coping to specific needs and for his overall development. We don't have to worry when he is there. Thanks a ton``


Swati R Duggal

``Thanks for reaching out. I have been a part of the Sugar Plum family since 2012 and so far my love for this organization has only grown. Before bringing my 1.2 years old son Siddharth to sugar plum I had visited around 5-6 different centers across NOIDA including some reputed ones and I must say I was completely dismayed at what I saw! However, my visit to the center at my office Sector 144 NOIDA was a turning point. From the infrastructure to the staff to the overall concept of child care at Sugar Plum, everything was different and much more re-assuring than what I had seen elsewhere. From then on, I have been a happy parent where the center took complete care of my child and contributed in his overall development during the growing years. He is always happy to go back to sugar plum any time after his school even today!! I wish you all a lot of success for a great future ahead and thank you for your contributions to the peace of mind of so many moms!!``


Garima Panwar

``My kid is 5+ and she is always excited about her after-school time in Sugar Plum. She is very fond of the teachers and staff there. She often tells me that they are very “kind to me”, my teacher “loves me” and has developed a very personal bond with them. The ambiance is positive, colourful, clean and spacious. Activity time is very well planned and structured, which keeps her engaged physically and mentally. She is always full of stories about what dance she did, what new taekwondo step she learned, what experiments they did. There are a lot of other positives as well like planned food, open communication, daily report and stuff but most importantly I am extremely satisfied to see the happy and excited face of my baby every evening when I go to pick her up. Thank you guys for taking care of her while I am away``


Anu Sharma

``Having a kid is like having a piece of your heart walking outside. So when the time came for me to put Prathit in the daycare, it broke my heart. Right from the first day, Prathit became the part of the large family of Sugar Plum. It's his home away from home for last 4.5years now. Not only is the environment very homely but they are equally professional about safety and security. The variety of activities such as Drawing and Taekwando that marks the daily routine of the kids, encouraging an all round development. And most of all, we mothers always fret about the diet of the child. In Sugar Plum they ensure that the child eats, and go out of their way to coax the child to eat. Sugar plum is definitely a place where my kid is learning so many things which I may not have time to give him along with my career aspirations.``


Pregiya & Ajith

`` Sugar Plum was my child's first daycare and has been more than a blessing for him ever since. He joined when he was just 4 months and today after more than 1.5 years, is still so excited to go there every morning. His mornings pump up at the thought of spending time there with his favorite Mam's, sisters and friends. We have cherished each and every aspect of our journey with this lovely institute. Be it the teacher- student relationship or the attitude with the parents, the way you cater to the needs of students, the curriculum and activities each facet has its own beauty. I really feel that Sugar Plum has made learning fun for children, which is really important at the early stages of their life. It's a home away from home and the way my kid remembers each and every teacher he spends time with and fondly talks of them really speaks of the beautiful bond he shares with them and how much love and care they are showering on him. All of us (me and my family) thank the Institute and Staff of Sugarplum for their continuous effort and wish them all the best for all their future endeavors...``