Dr. Vinod Rai

Graduating from A.F.M.C to become one of N.C.R'S leading paediatrician. Our founder member and visionary. Consulting us on all medical and health fronts.


Amrita Rai

A certified Montessori Teacher. With work experience for over 10 years. Responsible for the overall running and management of Sugar Plum.


Roopali Paliwal

A certified Nursery Teacher with over 15 years work experience in primary teaching. Roopali has worked with the best of institutions in her career. Is now responsible for the Academic & Activity end of Sugar Plum.


Amita Misra

Responsible for Admissions and Administration at Lotus Boulevard, Sector 100. Amita Misra is well experienced in the corporate world and has excellent communication skills.


Jyoti Arora

One of our founder teachers. Jyoti has been working with children for the past 15 years. Loving caring and patient are the 3 words which describe her best. Jyoti heads the toddler


Manju Makkar

Responsible for our junior toddlers. Manju is certified in B.Ed. and Nursery Teachers Training (NTT). Inherently very soft spoken and gentle she blends beautifully with the children.


Ekta Arora

Responsible for our older children, part of the After School Daycare Programme. She is balanced and understands the need and behaviour of children in this age group


Luma Sharma

A certified B.Ed. with an additional certification in the latest sensation Cue Math. Luma is a caregiver at Sugar Plum and responsible for Infants along with the internal management of the Daycare.


Anika Bajpai

The Centre Head at our branch in Oxygen Boulevard. Responsible for internal running & management of the Crèche & Daycare.